KRONION'S H-LITTER- (C.I.E.N DK UCH VV-12 NV-14 Torro V Rusticana X Kronion's X-mas Candy) is a highly desired litter. This is a repeat breeding as last litter produced some very nice individuals indeed, with our princess NUCH, EUJW-15, NJV-15, DKJV-15 Kronion's Dixi Darling showing the way.
Both I and Dag Glemminge, owner of Torro were interested in a repeat, and so it went :-)! January 29'th saw the birth of 4 little beauties, 2 males and 2 females. They are all plain, one red male the other 3 are brindle. Can't wait to see them grow up... :-D!

The boys:

Kronion's Hercules

Kronion's Hermes

The girls:

Kronion's Hera

Kronion's Hekla