Kronion's Bacchus

KRONION'S BACCHUS - NO42925/13 N UCH VV-12 Torro V Rusticana NHSB2842034 x N UCH NORDVV-14 Human Boxers Femme Fatale 25617/06) 
Some pictures from European Dog Show 2015, judge Ole Staunskjær

født: 17.04.2013

HD- Fri venstre-C høyre

SAS- 0



Bacchus er sønnen fra Hera's siste kull som jeg beholdt her hjemme. Han er en go'gutt som minner meg om oksen Ferdinand, lukter på blomstene på livets vei 🙂

Han vant både Årsvinner Unghund, storcertet og 2 beste hann totalt på Årsvinner i juni på Ås, stooor stas 🤪! For mange bilder fra Årsvinner se herÅrsvinner 2014 


My darling Bacchus❤ , Hera's last son and heir that has stayed here at home with him mommy and the rest of the pack. He's a big, gentle sweetheart that loves life and cuddles, and who I hope to take to more shows as he grows into his full potential. He's done quite well with limited showing so far, topping it off with winning Young Dog at Norwegian Jahressiger in june 2014, along with his int. CAC and the honours of being 2'nd best dog total, only beaten by dear ol' da, WJW-12, NUCH Torro v Rusticana. Follow this link Årsvinner 2014 for many more pictures of this wonderful young dog, his mama D N UCH Humanboxer's Femme Fatale that came in for a strong 2 place total of the  bitches at age 7.5  and sister Kronion's Briella that topped the class in juniorbitch 😀