A very exciting litter was born june 22'nd 2016 . Kronion's Bryony is a full sister to EUW-15 Kronion's Bacchus who lives here at the kennel, out of our Queen, Showboxer of the Year 2012, DK N UCH NORDVV-14 EUVW-15 DKVV-15, Mostwinning Veteran 2015 Humanboxer's Femme Fatale. 

Bryony's Dad is the handsome DK N UCH, WJW-12 C.I.E. Torro von Rusticana.

As is is, Bryony herself has been shown very little but I do believe in this super feminine lady! She's bred to the gorgeous Bono, Drake Kuningas von Kishko ( JCh Laurin's Boxer Alim x IntCh IPO1 Aisha Kuningas von Kishko) a male I immediately liked! He's friendly, and very, very stable inside his head.Besides that, he's All Male, a very good match to my bitch. 

I am SOOO excited about this litter, and thanks to Cathrine Myrland and Marianne Bådsvik and her husband Leif Magnus for allowing me to loan this wonderful male. 

Thanks for the pictures and care of our princess, Kari Aasheim

The 3 boys:

KRONION'S GELOS: Gelos (Γέλως), spirit of laughter- brindle male with thin white stripe in face
KRONION'S GIRIK: Sansakrit, Lord Shiva, Heart of the Gods- male, brindle and white
KRONION'S GERAS: Geras (Γῆρας), spirit of old age- red male, with white stripe in the face

The 4 girls:

KRONION'S GUINEVERE: Wife of King Arthur- golden brindle and white female
KRONION'S GALENA: Galene (Γαλήνη), goddess of calm seas- brindle female
KRONION'S GAIA: Gaia - (a.k.a. Celu, Gaea, Terra) Goddess of the Earth, also known as Mother Earth. dark brindle and white female
KRONION'S GULA: Gula: Goddess of healing and patron of medicine. She helped breathe life into mankind after the Great Flood. Gula often appears as a woman with stars and her dog- golden brindle and white female with white on one side of face