4. des, 2015

Mor, far og sønn i Herning

A very special moment in time! Familiportrait of dad, new danish veteran winner, DKCH, NUCH, SVV-15, NVV-15, DKVV-15 Boxy King av Hasseldalen, Mom also new danish veteranwinner, DKCH, NUCH, NORDVV-14, EUVW-15, DKVV-15 Humanboxer's Femme Fatale and in the middle their son, DKCH, NUCH, C.I.E ( pending F.C.I) Kronion's x-mas My King. Quality is no coincidence, it is planned and a great deal of thought goes into every combination. I am SO glad I crossed the mountains in treacherous weather to get this mating done, and very, very grateful for wonderful studowner Trygve Helgesen that kept King, and has done a tremendous job og showing him to his international show championship! King is brother to Kronion's X-mas Candy, mother of EUJW-15, NJV-15, DKJV-15 Kronion's x-mas Candy so you might say It's all in the family... ;-)!